Alaska Airlines Interline Agreements

While Air Italy`s official press release shows that the Interline agreement has already entered into force, interline travel cannot yet be booked on the airline`s website or through online travel agencies (ASAs). The interline agreement allows passengers who book with Air Italy to travel to the following destinations: but – and although this may be the case – the site does not say that they do not accept interline baggage that has been abandoned by another company. The reality is that airlines first did customers a favor by placing luggage on separate tickets. They are not obliged to do this if they are booked separately, as this creates increased liability for them if the bag is lost. The DOT interferes in this situation and adds the slightest complication to such a problem to get every company to remove the olive branch. Unfortunately, the customer loses. I scattered bags in both directions with Alaska and New Zealand Air. Not only is this a financial nuisance, but it also puts a key in travel plans, as stopovers now take longer to take into account the delivery of luggage. Alaska Airlines has just announced a frustrating change to the directive that will come into effect on January 15, 2013 with respect to baggage drop-off. In particular, they no longer allow to disperse bags for travel with separate tickets. .

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