Nova Community College Transfer Agreements

ADVANCE is a partnership between NOVA and George Mason University that further facilitates the transfer. It`s never too early to start planning a smooth transfer. The longer you wait for a decision, the more likely it is to delay the conclusion of the diploma. Learn more about upcoming transfer events and how to connect directly with four-year higher education representatives. Note: Some four-year colleges accept certain programs for applied science associate (A.A.S.) and applied arts associates (A.A.A.), but each institution has a different policy. In 2011, she joined George Mason University to earn a bachelor`s degree in nursing. NOVA has entrusted articulation agreements with many institutions. These agreements set the transfer conditions for NOVA students who are in related programs of study. They define how courses, programs or entire categories of programs are transferred to another institution and may include hospitality guarantees. Counsellors can provide students with more accurate information about how these agreements relate to individual transfer plans. As a NOVA graduate, you get admission to more than 40 colleges and universities if you meet the agreement requirements between NOVA and that university. Save thousands of student fees starting with NOVA.

Let`s help them follow the right path to a successful career! If you click on the name of an institution below, you go directly to the web page to access the transmission information. If you click on a contractual link, you can read the entire guaranteed registration contract. Links to the institution`s transfer guide are included if available. The agreements and transfer guides are . PDF files; You need Acrobat Reader to view them. NOVA has two types of transfer contracts with many institutions — guaranteed admission agreements and articulation agreements. Articulation agreements are partnerships between institutions that can help ensure that the courses you attend at NOVA are transferred to a university or university. Virginia Education Wizard – Transfer The Virginia Community College System`s interactive assistant can help you move to a four-year university. We offer the following diplomas for students who are considering completing their new and sophomore years of university work at NOVA, then moving to a four-year university or university to complete their junior and senior years of a bachelor`s degree: guaranteed admission agreements guarantee you access to more than 40 colleges and universities if you meet the requirements.

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