Abc Financial Agreement Number

The freeze begins upon receipt of your written request and the affiliate contract will be frozen from the date of the invoice to the billing date. My membership was terminated on August 27. I received a confirmation from ABC Fitness Club that August 27th is my last payment. But they took money on September 27. I asked my bank to take it back. Then I received a collection message at the end of October saying that my October and seven fees are outstanding. I spoke to my club again and confirmed once again that my membership had been terminated on 27 August. I also called ABC Financial Hotline and emailed to Membersupport. E-mail, no response.

The lady on the phone told me that she could not help and that we should contact the club. Again, I received another notice of collection today that says that my three-month fees and interest charges are outstanding. It`s very boring. I`m not going to look after the fitness clubs that use ABC Financial. My agreement is. If you have any other comments, please email me at Below are guidelines for GYM ONE, which are confirmed by our account service partner ABC Financial Services LLC. Please refer to your copy of the membership agreement for specific details regarding your membership. We absolutely do NOT accept requests for a freeze over the phone at the gym.

You must follow our freeze policy, or your membership will NOT be frozen. I`ve been trying to stop Anytime Fitness for 9 months. I walked in and was told that I had to send a signed letter to ABC Financial to cancel. It`s over. (Barbecues). I sent another one. (Barbecues) So my card expired, I thought it was good, now it will stop. No no. I get an email asking me to update my expired credit card and pay $55.00.

No no. I called and after providing my account number and many other information to prove I was, I spoke to a customer service operator and got the canned response. I asked for a superior. Kathy called and was still unable to help me, and the person she needed to talk to was „out today“ and as her rules say, you have to send a signed and certified letter. Do it twice. So I called their hotline. Fully automated, slowly navigating, and you don`t have the ability to enter options or account information by typing numbers. Just talk to the machine and hope for the best.

Finally, after having passed all their menus online, I ask for a representative and the automated system tells me that no one answers calls and that I can`t talk to anyone now to help with my account. At 3pm EST, on a Tuesday. All information sent to ABC Financial Services, LLC. must contain your 9-digit contract number. Freezing procedures:(The account must be up to date) The information needed to freeze the membership agreement can be sent by email, regular email or authenticated. Time is added at the end of the membership agreement. Please feel free to email me to either with your 9-digit contract number or the house number on your account, so I can check for you.

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